Carbide slag autoclaved block press machine

Carbide slag is the calcium carbide to generate acetylene after reaction with water in the process of industrial waste, contains a lot of calcium oxide and a small amount of silicon, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and carbon residue, the solution also contains sulphide, phosphide, magnesium, acetylene and other impurities, which can be widely used in material production, such as building materials, cement, ceramics, paint, etc.
Carbide slag autoclaved block is complete specifications, durable, the cost is low in cost, and is a new building materials products in the first place.
JYM-1280 series fully automatic hydraulic brick making machine, JMP series automatic setting machine, JXJ series adjustable continuous dispelling the storehouse, JBDC high-performance ferry push and steam car, kettle bottom line machine, mobile hoist, belt conveyor, all kinds of form a complete set of equipment, etc.
JYM-1280 automatic hydraulic brick machine capacity


Overall size (mm)

Quantity (block/h)

Standard brick



Blind hollow brick



Hollow brick



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