Block making machine is popular in China

 Block making machine is with advanced technology on the basis of the original, uses the machine, electricity, liquid integration technology, the equipment each cycle operation is conformity, so forming has high yield, high stability and low rejection rate. Block machine equipment during production, due to the running environment or outside sand, so it is easy to appear stuffing phenomenon in the production and should clean in time.

And how do judge whether is blocked? 
We can from the following method to judge whether is blocked. After startup the hydraulic hollow block making machine, the barometer mean pressure have been zero. Opening the air cylinder vent switch, there is no gas discharge. Open brick machine to gas control valve between trachea, gas discharge, the pump working is normal. Overhauling gas control valve to gas reservoir between trachea, found that copper trachea and hose connection has a small piece of dirt block, cause gas into air reservoir, therefore the barometer without instructions. As a result, after every stop must clean up the gas of air cylinder and the water of oil-water separator. And should regularly check and handle brick machine equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.
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