Cinder blocks making machine

cinder brick making machine

 Using industrial solid waste cinder to produce autoclaved brick of new wall materials of advantages:

1. Using cinder to produce building materials wall brick with high intensity and good insulation.
2. Cinder autoclaved brick can improve construction performance, increase construction function and improve the quality of construction.
3. To promote the construction of the building materials industry technological progress and structural adjustment, protecting the cultivated land resource and ecological environment.
4. Producing slag autoclave brick has obvious environmental benefit, social benefit and enterprise economic benefits.
5. JYM - 1280 type automatic hydraulic brick making machine produces cinder brick products with high compactness, high intensity, geometry size accurate, neat appearance beautiful, etc.
JYM - 1280 type automatic hydraulic cinder brick making machine unit can also produce porous brick, hollow block, road brick, such as new building wall materials and municipal road surface material.
The main technical parameters of cinder brick making machine



Standard brick number per a mold (block)


Pressure (KN)


Preload pressure (KN)


Press way

down-stroke press

Press speed (S)


Main power (KW)


Total power (KW)


Annual output (block)

65 million


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