Autoclaved fly ash brick production line


Fly ash is the production of fly ash autoclaved silicate products mainly SiO2, and Al 2 O3 raw materials. Rational utilization of fly ash to investment project, the plan reasonably, not only can use a large amount of waste residue, and can greatly reduce the cost of brick.

Fly ash brick producing process:
1. Raw material treatment system.
Lime block→hopper→coarse crushing→fine powder→storage.
2. Mixing system:
fly ash: aggregate: lime: gypsum=70:18:10:2,mixing and stirring by mixer.
3. Aging and digestion process: aging and digestion time:2 hours.
4. Re-mixed process: re-mixed through wheel mill after aging.
5. pressure forming process: fly ash brick molding machine and setting machine.
6. steam curing process: green brick on the steam curing car to the autoclave for 8 hours.
The advantage of autoclave fly ash brick:
1. Autoclave fly ash brick is generally accepted that the new environmental protection building materials, can reduce the weight of the building and reduce the production cost.
2. It is high compactness, high intensity, geometry size accurate, neat and beautiful outside, and can improve the function of the wall.
3. Fly ash brick is lightweight and can improve construction function, reduces construction cost.
4. Autoclave fly ash bricks are widely used in construction, road, square, such as hydraulic, the botanical garden construction.


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